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Bonanza was originally aired for 14 years on NBC (1959-1973) and had 430 60-minute episodes. It was
filmed in three different states, Nevada, California, and Arizona, and seen in 30 countries and heard in 12 languages.
It was the third-longest running TV Western, beat out by Gunsmoke and Death Valley Days.
The first stars were Lorne Green (playing Ben, the father), Michael Landon (playing impulsive Joe)
Pernell Roberts (playing scolarly Adam), and Dan Blocker (playing big-hearted Hoss).
Pernell Roberts ducked out of the series in 1965.  They left the door open
for him to come back, saying he had gone off to sea.  He never came back.
In the eighth year, David Canary signed on as the handsome foreman, "Candy" Canaday.
Mitch Vogel played adopted son Jamie Hunter-Cartwright in the last three years.

Hi!  My name is Melissa and I have always liked
the TV show, Bonanza.  It is currently playing
on PAX TV, TV Land, and the Hallmark channel.
I decided to share some of my screen shots
and fan fiction here. Email me for comments
or questions at:
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